Professor List
Position : President
Name : Dr. Jin Hee Cho 총장 조진희 박사
Courses : Counseling, Theology,Education
*ChongShin University (BA, Theology) in Seoul 1984-1988
*ChongShin University Theological Seminary (MDiv) in Seoul 1988-1991
*Korea University (MEd, Counseling) in Seoul 1990-1992
*ACTS of Trinity Western University in Canada (Christian Counseling,
Theology, ?MTSC) 1995-1998
*University of Sarasota (in Florida USA) (Pastoral Community Counseling,
EdD 1999-2007)
*Dissertation: "The role of spiritual maturity and coping in well-being
among Korean immigrants in Canada"

*Golden Bears Counseling. Practicum (1997-1998)
*Vancouver General Hospital CPE (2001-2002)

*SengMyung Saem Church , Senior Pastor
*Hessed Mental Heal Institute, President
*Ordained in 1992

Position : Christian Leadership
Name : Dr. Douglas A. Perkins
Courses : Christian Counseling, Education, Leadership
Name: Dr. Douglas A. Perkins
Teaching Area: Leadership, Christian Education, Psychology and Counseling

BA Psychology and Sociology, Houghton College, New York, US
MA Christian Education, Trinity Divinity, Deerfield, Illinois, US
Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Seattle University, Seattle, US
Dissertation: �Servant Leadership in Christian Organizatio ns�

Teaching Experience
Training Director, Coastal Pacific Xpress, Surrey, BC
Business Training Teacher, Zhuhai, China
Consulting Business for Non Profits, Ontario
Emmanuel Bible College, Academic Dean & Professor
Youth for Christ National & Victoria BC
Victoria Bible Ministries, Victoria BC
International Teaching Experience, Korea, Hong Kong, Cuba, Britain, Chile

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. Alan van der Woerd
Courses : Missiology, Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology

PhD in Intercultural Studies. Trinity International University, 2004.

Special Program for Ministerial Candidacy, Calvin Theological Seminary, 1992. This one-year program was tailored for graduates of seminaries other than Calvin Seminary, to meet requirements for ordination in the Christian Reformed Church.

Th.M Regent College, 1991.

M.Div Regent College,1987.

B.A Psychology and Sociology. Dordt College, 1979.

Dissertation and Thesis

(2004) The Leader-Follower Dynamics of an Autochthonous Church in Mexico City: An Ethnographic Study of Authoritarian and Transformational Leadership Styles. Ph.D Dissertation, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Advisors, Dr. Robert J. Priest and Dr. Paul G. Hiebert.

(1991). Aspects of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the Thought of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Th.M Thesis, Regent College. Advisor, Dr. J.I. Packer.


January 2006. In the Wake of the Storm. The Banner. Republished on

August-September 1997. The Day of the Dead in Mexico. Proclaim.


My family; Public speaking; Preaching; Evangelism; Bible Studies; Hiking; Running.

Ordination and Church Credentials

November 8, 1992. Ordination as Minister in the Christian Reformed Church. Church membership is at Nelson Avenue Community Church, Burnaby BC., where I serve as an elder. My wife and I are active also in prayer ministry.

I preach regularly in CRC churches in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

November 2009 – Present. Serve on the board of the CRC Ministry to Seafarers sponsored by the four B.C. and Alberta Classis.

Position : Professor
Name : Kuntel M.
Courses : Bible, Theology
Minister in PCC (Presbyterian Church in Canada)

BA, MBA, Dip. CS, M.Div

They are BA in Business Administration; MBA, Masters in Business Administration, Dip CS, is Diploma in Christian Studies from Regent College and M. Div from Regent College.

Position : Instructor
Name : D. L.
Courses : Counselling, education
IELTS Examiner

Position : Administator
Name : j. Cho
Courses : administration

Law B.L
Central Presbyterian Bible College in Korea
The Civil Service for 21 years in Korea

Position : Instructor
Name : Annabelle Bernard
Courses : ESL
Annabelle Bernard

Political Science at SFU Burnaby, B.C
Textile design program at Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, N.Y, USA, 2010

Working experience
Co-editor of Coco magazine, Vancouver
Social media co-ordiator for Atira womens resource society, Vancouver, B.C.
Volunteer with the New Democratic Party (NDP)
Fields of interest: design, political science, cultural studies and languages.

Position : Instructor
Name : Vancouver, B.C., V5W 2G5
Courses : Old Testament Biblical Theology
Master of Christian Study (MCS)
Education: Regent College (Vancouver, BC); St. Petersburg Christian University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Disciplines: Introduction to the Old Testament, exegetics and theology of the Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, Biblical hermeneutics, Theology of the Old Testament,

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. W. M. Kim
Courses : Church History, Cultore, Worldyiew

P*h. D in Global History 2009
Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Master of Arts in European History 2001
Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Bachelor of Arts in French Literature and Linguistics 1987
Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Teaching Experience

Instructor 2003 2010
Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea
Chung Nam National University, Yu Seong, Korea
Luther University, Yong In, Korea
Asian Center for Theological Studies, Yang Pyung, Korea
• Created and provided interactive curricula for global history, cont
emporary history, history and media, introduction to western history

Published contemporary research papers in national academic jour nal Assessed and evaluated student academic achievement
• At Chung Ang University, created ‘Current Global Affairs through New paper’ with the goal of making young people familiar with global pro blems and prepared for the successful beginning in this global village
• At Asian Center for Theological Studies, developed and implement e d ‘An Introduction to Global Culture’ curriculum

Position : Instructor
Name : LETAWSKY, a. j.
Courses : English, ESL, IELTS, TOEFL
Simon Fraser University
Many years teaching experience

Position : Instructor
Name : Dora Serban
Courses : Counselling, Psychology, English
*Master Degree in Clinical Psychology, Psychological Counseling and
Psychotherapy 2008
Babes-Bolyai University

*Master Degree in Managerial Communication and Human Resources
Management 2007
BA in Psycholog 2005
Babes-Bolyai University

Certified as Autonomous Practicing Psychotherapist in Cognitive and Behavioral psychotherapies, by the Romanian Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies, according to the standards of Albert Ellis Institute USA and the Academy of Cognitive Therapy USA.

Psychologist February 2006 – October 2008
PicOil Info Consult, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

•Developed and implemented employee selection and placement programs for multinational and local companies
•Analyzed job requirements and content in order to establish criteria for classification, selection, training, and other related personnel functions
•Created and used interview techniques, rating scales and psychological tests in order to assess skills, abilities and interests for the purpose of employee selection, placement, and promotion
•Formulated and implemented training programs, applying principles of learning and individual differences
•Used surveys and statistical analysis to evaluated clients’ satisfaction with the company’s services
•Managed the budget, quality, project planning, scheduling and evaluation of the results of the projects

Position : Instructor
Name : Kim Feuchter
Courses : ESL, TESOL
• TEFL Certificate, Archer College, 2006
• Bachelor of Education, UBC, 2002
• Bachelor of Arts, UBC, 2000

Career Profile
• ESL teacher of international adolescents and children with 7 years of experience
• Curriculum design and development for the Juniors ESL Program at King George International College
• Head Teacher of a staff ranging from 4-20 instructors, depending on the number of classes being run

Position : Instructor
Courses : Old Testament, Biblical Theology
Master of Christian Study (MCS)
Education: Regent College (Vancouver, BC); St. Petersburg Christian University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Disciplines: Introduction to the Old Testament, exegetics and theology of the Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, Biblical hermeneutics, Theology of the Old Testament,

Position : Instroctor
Name : Lisa Lee
*BA. Lingistics
*Many teaching experiences
*Academic English
*Preparation of high score (TOEIC, TOEFL)
*short term preparation {TOEIC, TOEFL}

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. Park, G. H.. Daniel
Courses : Theology
*Pattern University B.A
*Fuller Theological Seminary MDiv
*St. Andrews University PhD (Systematic Theology)

*Seattle Theological Seminary, President

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. Jeong J.
Courses : Theology, Education
*Daegu Educational University B.A
*Youngnam University (MA, Education )
*ChongShin University (ThM)
*ChongShin University Theological Seminary (MDiv)
*Reformed Theological Seminary ThM Missiology
*Reformed Theological Seminary DMiss.
*South Africa Stelen Bosh Seminary (ThD Cand)
*KeiMyung University (PhD Calvinism)

*Daeshin University, Chongshin University Professor
*Sungmyung Church, Senior Pastor
*Author of several books

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. Lee C. S.
Courses : Counseling
*Kyunghi University (B.A. Family)
*Kyunghi University (M.A. Family)
*Kyunghi University (PhD. Family)

*Kyunghi University, Inha University, Duksung Women University,
Myungji University: Instructor

*Author of several books


Position : Professor
Name : T. Kim
Courses : Psychology, Theology, Research
*B.A. (English Literature)
*Fuller Theological Seminary (M.A. Theology)
*California State University at LA. (M.A. Psychology)
*University of California/ Riverside (PhD Psychology.)
*Dissertation: Cultural Intelligence and Employee Job Outcome:
The Role of Leadership.

*Spirituality and Leadership
*Conflict Resolution
*Cultural diversity

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. M. Park
Courses : Church Music
Kuimyung University (B.A, Education)
*Kuimyung University (B.M, Religious Music)
*Kuimyung University (MEd, Education) .
*American Bethany Seminary (Master of Theology- Systematic Theology).
*American Bethany Seminary (Doctor of Sacred Theology- Systematic Theology).

^Teaching: Kuimyung University, Daegu Theological Seminary
Winnipeg School Diviison No 1. Teacher.
*Church Ministry: Washington D.C. San Francisco, Winnipeg, Edmonton etc.

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. Jo K.
Courses : Family Therapy, Theology, Counseling, Education
*Fuller Theological Seminary (M.Div)

*Fuller Theological Seminary (PhD) (Family Pastoral Care and Counseling)
*Dissertation: A Threefold Relational Approach to Spiritual Maturity:
An Exploratory Study of Korean Evangelical Spirituality

*Southern California University of Professional Studies (D. Psy. Cand.

*Asian Pacific Residential Treatment Program Supervisor

Position : Professor
Name : Paul Kim
Courses : -
*Seoul National University

*A&M University (Texas) MBA

*University of Missisippi (PP.D)

*Golden Gate Theological Seminary (M.Div)


Position : Professor
Name : John Kim
Courses : Old Testament
*ChongShin University Theological Seminary in Seoul 1988-1991
*ACTS of Trinity Western University (ThM cand)
*The Lord Embodied Church, Senior Pastor

Position : Professor
Name : Lee, H. J.
Courses : Christian Education, Theology
*ChongShin University (B.A. Christian Education) in Seoul
*ChongShin University (M.A. Christian Education)
*ChongShin University Theological Seminary (MDiv)
*Chunan University (Doctoral Cand.)

*HanBit Church, Educational Minister
*Baeksuk University, Minister

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. Sung Y.
Courses : Christian Education, Culture, Leadership
*HapDong Theological Seminary
*kwangJu University (B.A)
*ChoSun University (MEd)
*Fuller Theological Seminary (DMin, Global Ministries)

*Hope Community Church, Senipr Pastor

Position : Professor
Name : Young Tae Park
Courses : Biblical Theology, Church History
*Calvin Theological Seminary
*Chongshin University Theological Seminary (MDiv)
*Covenant Theological Seminary (M.A)
*ACTS of Trinity Western University in Canada (ThM. cand)
*Wang Sung Church in Vancouver, Senior Pastor

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. Jung E.
Courses : Theology

*ChongShin University (B.A) Christian Education
*.ChongShin University Theological Seminary (MDiv)
*Reformed Theological Seminary D.Min.

Position : Professor
Name : Dr. Hwang M.
Courses : Theology, Christian Education
Fuller Theological Seminary MDiv
Talbot Theological Seminary PhD

Position : Professor
Name : Kim, Dug Won
Courses : New Testament
*Junbuk University (B.A. Philosophy )
*Chongshin University & Theological Seminary (MDiv)
*ACTS of TWU in Canada, ThM (the Book of Mark).

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